Client Stories

Some Success stories of our Clients who are a Brands.
Sadhna Sangeet College

Sadhna Sangeet College is a music academy which based out of Delhi since 1997 the building of the Academy is in the main market of Sector-7, Read More Dwarka, New Delhi.
So the motive was to create an effective logo for them which would a long view from the society buildings with a creative in the brand name which would have described the function of their business.
So we created an Iconic Logo for them which has a guitar creative in the first word Sadhna as "A".
and the colour given to them is Red which has the longest View. Read Less

Dietitian Meenakshi

Dietitian Meenakshi is a well Known Dietitian and awarded as best Diet and Nutrition coach in the year 2018.
Read More She also received the Best Health and Wellness Coach in India award. The dietitian has a very good record and testimonials by her patients and also a faculty at JIMS Rohini, New Delhi for Diet-related Courses.
Dr Meenakshi told us to make a logo which should be very relatable to nature and would show the happiness, wellness and healthy person.
We created a Creative Wordmark (Iconic Logo) for Mam and given it a combination of two special shades of green colour which has a light and dark effect for the presentation.
The creative shows the very first letter of the word Dietitian and has a happy and healthy person in it.
The logo was appreciated at every place and resulted in a good number of new clients to us.
It was a pleasure to work for Dietitian Meenakshi Mam. Read Less

Planet Relocations

Planet Relocations is a company to relocate you from one place to another and help you to find a dream house for you.
Read More So we have designed a logo for them which is an Iconic Logo (creative wordmark)
It has the location symbol in the first letter P which is describing the location word in the brand name and the business function of the company.
the company is working on a great level and enjoying their brand reputation with the designs made by us for them.
the company is working for many big officials e.g. attach the testimonials of the clients of planet relocations. Read Less

"There are three responses to a design-
WOW is the one we aim for."



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